Your digital workspace for membership participation

Engage members in discussion and decisions that impact them. Your safe space online for membership information, communication and participation across the organization, reducing email confusion and saving money on meetings and travel.

“Our membership is a large, diverse, geographically scattered and busy group. We wanted them to be able to interact with each other to share views and debate ideas rather than just being sent information from our offices.”

Jane Porter
New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI)

Engage diverse voices

Loomio offers a safe place to include all members to find information, participate in discussion on issues that concern them, and vote on important issues. Build trust through transparency and strength through inclusion.

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Progress discussion to outcome

Engage members, working groups and committees to develop and agree on strategic documents such as policy, strategic plans, proposals and submissions in an accountable and transparent process.

Transparent and accessible archive of knowledge

Document a history of participation, decisions and the discussion that led to outcomes for your organization.

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Find the right plan for your organization’s needs

Choose from our Starter or Pro plans – no limits on how many users you can add to your account.
Let us help you get started, help integrate your organization’s practices and introduce Loomio to your members.