Empowering with distributed decision-making

Staff of Ian Martin Group collaborating at an event, Photo by Raise Recruiting

Loomio enables you to involve people in distributed decision processes, value diverse perspectives and promote equity.

Progressive organizations are embracing new ways of working that foster flexibility, collaboration and remote participation. Organizations practicing self-management, Teal, sociocracy, and holacracy are at the forefront of this movement.

Self-management promises better, faster decision making - we proved this benefit by achieving company wide consent to the biggest, most strategic decision the company has ever made - within a week, on Loomio. It was done with all the information, all of the numbers, all the details of the strategy, all of the pros and cons and more than half of the company participated actively. Edwin Jansen, Raise.

How do you structure decision making practices to operate effectively?

Distributed decision-making doesn’t mean involving everyone in every decision. So how do progressive organizations structure inclusive decision-making practices to empower their diverse workforce and live self-managing values?

Loomio provides the tools to support distributed decision-making and drive positive change in your organization.

What do you need? On Loomio
Empower staff to do their best work Encouraging collaboration, participation, and ownership in decision-making processes.
Inclusive, transparent communication Ensuring that all voices are heard, diverse perspectives are valued, and information is shared openly.
Custom decision making practices Tailoring decision processes to specific needs, whether Advice, Consent, Consensus, or another approach.
Faster, more agile decisions Streamlining communication and decision-making to respond swiftly to challenges, opportunities, and changing circumstances.
Document decisions and discussion Creating an accessible record that aids in accountability, knowledge sharing, and future reference.

Loomio is used by self-managing organizations around the world.

Integrate Loomio into your self-management practices to experience the power of collective decision-making, transparency, and inclusivity, and shape a future where work feels good and everyone finds meaning in their professional lives.

Try Loomio today empower distributed decision-making in your organization.

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