Transforming governance in collaborative organizations

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Loomio enables governance for organizations who want to improve governance practices and embrace new ways of working.

Our board group has been particularly transformative, enabling continuous governance, improving response times, and increasing our agility, resilience, and sustainability. Austen Cordasco, Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN)

How important is governance in your organization?

Governance provides the structure, processes and guidelines for decision-making, responsibility, and accountability within an organization.

Good governance is more than a board meeting

Many boards and governance teams are struggling to respond to the needs of their organization. Monthly meetings are just not sufficient to stay in context, navigate complexity, build trust, and achieve sustainable success in a rapidly changing world.

What is holding you back? Opportunity
Context Responding in a timely and effective way to your organization's needs requires a deep understanding of its dynamics. Enable your board to stay connected and informed, and make better decisions.
Growing responsibilities Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are critical. Efficient communication and collaboration, reduces the burden on the governance team and ensures responsibilities are effectively managed.
Miscommunication Email chains can be chaotic and result in lost correspondence. Centralize discussions and decision-making processes, ensuring important information is easily accessible, and nothing slips through the cracks.
Long meetings Meetings with limited time for meaningful discussion can be frustrating. Optimize time in meetings by involving people from the outset, align towards the most important topics, and make better use of precious time together.
Visibility and trust Building trust between the governance and operational teams is essential for effective governance. Encourage transparency to create an environment of open communication and culture of accountability.
Record keeping Locating important information can be daunting when scattered across various platforms. Keep all governance decisions, documents and discussion in one easily searchable place.

Loomio helps your board or committee stay connected between meetings, deal with urgent matters and reduce board admin

Inclusive, diverse, and equitable governance is at the heart of every thriving organization.

Loomio offers an opportunity to transform your governance; to extend collaboration beyond board meetings, and to include everyone in open, honest and respectful discussion while documenting everything.

What do you need? On Loomio
Involve the right people Invite people who are responsible, are impacted or have expertise into the discussion and decision-making process. Ensure everyone who needs to be involved has a voice.
Create time and space for discussion Loomio is an asynchronous discussion forum providing time and space for meaningful discussion and deliberation, that leads to well-informed and thoughtful decisions.
Improve agility and response times By streamlining communication and decision-making, Loomio enhances your organization's agility, enabling quicker responses to emerging challenges and opportunities.
Clear decision-making Loomio offers a structured approach to decision-making, ensuring that discussions are focused and productive, leading to clear outcomes and actionable next steps.
Preserve institutional memory With Loomio, you'll have a clear record of decisions made and their outcomes, creating an auditable trail for transparency and accountability.

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At Loomio, we are committed to helping organizations thrive through inclusive and effective governance. Our platform is designed to address the unique challenges you face, providing the time and space for discussions that lead to well-informed decisions. Together, let's build a future where good governance is the cornerstone of success.

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