Introducing Proposal Templates for Advice, Consent, Consensus

• Written by Michael Elwood-Smith

We’re delighted to introduce a big update to proposal templates in Loomio.

Loomio now includes a series of predefined proposal templates for common decision processes such as Advice process, Consent process and Consensus.

The proposal templates are part of the scaffolding used to run a process. You can edit the templates to suit your particular needs, create new templates, or remove and rearrange templates to customize the experience for your organization.

You will find more proposal and poll templates under the tabs:

  • Poll - Simple poll, Score poll, Dot vote, Ranked choice
  • Meeting - Time poll, Opt-in
  • Settings - Proposal (classic), Gradients of Agreement, Question round

The classic Loomio proposal is still available under the Proposal tab if you have used it in your group. Otherwise you can find the Proposal under the Settings tab.

See our guides for Advice process, Consent process and Consensus for help and examples of using proposal templates at key steps in each process.

Tags: Decision-making Product

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