Sociocracy Conference 2023 Loomio presentation and demo

• Written by Michael Elwood-Smith

At the 2023 Sociocracy Conference, we were invited to introduce Loomio and demonstrate how it is used by organizations practicing Sociocracy for collective decision-making.

Check out the video to learn more about Loomio and how to use it for collaborative governance.

Sociocracy is a governance system, just like democracy or corporate governance methods. It’s best suited for organizations that want to self-govern based on the values of equality. Sociocracy For All

In the presentation we remind you of communication modes to consider when choosing tools, and why this matters when making operational and governance decisions.

The demo shows a Loomio integrated with Slack (and other chat tools) to post notifications about events in Loomio to the Slack channel, so that you don't miss the opportunity to contribute to important decisions.

We then go through an example of how an organization can use the Consent process to make a decision in Loomio.

See our guide for Consent process for help and examples of using proposal templates at key steps in the process.

Tags: Events Decision-making Product

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