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Ideal for small organizations getting started with Loomio

$399 / year $39 / month $299 / year $29 / month

That's only $33 $25 per month Save 15% 14% by paying annually

  • Up to 30 members
  • No subgroups
  • Choice of USA, EU, or AU based server
  • Technical support
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50% off


For medium-sized organizations or stakeholder engagement

$999 / year $99 / month $499 / year $49 / month

That's only $83 $42 per month Save 16% 15% by paying annually

  • Up to 300 members
  • Unlimited subgroups
  • Choice of USA, EU, or AU based server
  • Technical support
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33% off

Pro plus

For large organizations, or those needing a Loomio consultant

$2999 / year $299 / month $1999 / year $199 / month

That's only $250 $167 per month Save 17% 16% by paying annually

  • Up to 3000 members
  • Unlimited subgroups
  • Up to 3 parent groups
  • Choice of USA, EU, or AU based server
  • Premium support
  • Demo call
  • 1 on 1 onboarding
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These special prices are only available to nonprofits, incorporated societies, volunteer-based or member-funded organizations. See if you qualify

Prices in USD, plus sales tax where applicable.

Why choose Loomio cloud?

  • 14 day free trial - no credit card required
  • Simple affordable pricing
  • Your choice of (USA), (Amsterdam), or (Sydney) service
  • No servers to set up or maintain
  • Export and download your data at any time

Training and support

If you're thinking about transforming your organization with Loomio, we have experts at hand.

Group training
Training tailored to suit your organization’s needs.
Collaboration Coach
Consultant support to help you evaluate your organization’s collaborative work practice needs and develop a plan with Loomio.
Integration support
Developer time to help you get systems connected and integrated.
Priority development
If you need feature development prioritised, that's something we do.

Easy to use, powerful, and open source

The features you need to integrate Loomio into your organization's existing systems

Easy to use
Familiar to anyone who's used a social network. Easy to stay updated and participate by email alone.
Focused discussion platform
Allow conversations to scale and play out asynchronously. Rich text editor, attachments, category tags, annotated discussion timelines.
Expressive voting systems
Support decisions with voting and polling: Show of thumbs, Multiple choice, Score voting, Ranked choice, Dot voting
Handy time polls
Easily find out which meeting time works best for people, then send out calendar events with the winner.
Connect your chat
Send notifications and outcomes to Slack, Mattermost, Matrix and other chat apps.
Simple integration API
Automate threads, polls and memberships
Single Sign On support is available our private host product, or self-hosted servers.
Your data + open source code
Export your history as CSV, HTML or JSON. Host your own server if you wish.
Cloud hosting in EU, US
Want your data stored in Europe? No problem. Australia/NZ and single tennant hosting also available.
No ads, minimal cookies
You are not the product. We do all our analytics in-house. No Google trackers here.
Multiple languages
The app is available in English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and more
Automatic translation
Inline translation of messages, so that people who do not speak the same lanugage can communicate with each other.

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