Fully customizable polls and workflows.

As the facilitator you can configure polls and put them together in different ways to create any kind of decision making workflow. Use Loomio to seek clarification or get advice on a proposal before a decision is made, get consent to continue in a direction, or raise concerns about a proposal before it is developed.

This means you can make Loomio work with your team's unique culture, language and ways of working together.

Many teams use Loomio for effective tactical level collaboration and decision making. Loomio creates clarity for common processes like document signoff, hiring and role changes, approving a plan or budget, seeking opt-ins for projects and events or getting or advice on proposals.

In wider strategic and organizational use, Loomio creates visible engagement on important announcements, getting stakeholder advice on proposed directions and shared signoff on important agreements.

Decision making focussed teams like funding committees, governance boards and leadership teams use Loomio to organize priorities, make decisions between meetings, share context and publish outcomes from decisions with wider stakeholders.

Supercharge your group with decision making templates

When you run a decision making process or workflow you can save it as a template to make it easier for anyone in your team or organization to run similar decision making processes in future.

This enables you to build a library of workflows that will encourage consistent decision making processes and build collaborative culture within your organization.

Over time your templates will become the ‘muscle memory’ of your group's organizational decision making.

For more examples of Loomio in action check out these examples.

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