Teal OS: Scaling decision making practices at Raise

• Written by Michael Elwood-Smith

How do distributed decision making practices scale to 450 staff in 3 countries and multiple time zones?

Luz Iglesias, Tamara Extian-Babiuk and Sagar Chatterjee at Raise and Loomio's Michael Elwood-Smith met for a campfire chat as part of the Greaterthan Solstice Jamboree.

Update 11 July 2023 - Here's the recording of the event for anyone interested in how a self-managing organization actually works, at scale - the practices, experiences, challenges and example decisions from people living self-management.

Check the timestamps to jump to key moments during the session.

We explored Raise's Teal Operating System - a series of practices that staff at self-managing organization Raise engage with daily.

Teal OS: Scaling decision making practices at Raise Thursday July 6, 2023: 12:00pm PDT - 3:00pm EDT - 8:00pm BST - 9:00pm CEST - 7:00am NZST (July 7)

See more Jamboree events at: Greaterthan Solstice Jamboree

Tags: Decision-making Teal organizations

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