Loomio 2.5 has arrived!

• Written by Robert Guthrie and Greg Kan

This is our biggest Loomio release since 2.0. This time we've focused on new features – not just speed and behind the scenes. Let's get right into it:

What's new in 2.5?

  • Invite-only threads: Imagine Loomio without groups. Discuss and decide with an adhoc group of people; no need to start a group or send out memberships before you begin. Works with existing Loomio users or anyone with an email address.
  • Work In Progress mode: More often than not, you need to draft a proposal, get feedback, and improve it before it's ready for a vote. Show people what you're thinking, collect feedback, and make the whole process smoother.

  • Clearly see and communicate edits made to threads and polls: If you make a significant edit to a thread context or a poll, you can describe the change, record it in the thread, and choose who to notify about it.

  • Nominate who can vote in a proposal: Previously, everyone in the group could vote on every proposal. Now you can choose exactly who you want to vote, while the rest of the group watches.

  • Better closing soon notifications: You can now select who, if anyone, will receive a "proposal closing soon" notification. Nobody, Author, Voters, or whole Group.

  • Schedule an outcome review date: When entering an outcome, you can select a review date, and you'll be sent a notification on that date to prompt a review of your decision.

outcome review date

  • Fewer emails for new users: We have heard a lot of complaints about Loomio sending too many emails, and we want to make it right for you. New users are no longer automatically subscribed to emails when you participate in a thread. To balance this, we've made it easier to see who will be notified when starting a thread or proposal.

  • Manage your group members more effectively: We heard you. Inviting people was clunky and confusing. We've revised the process of inviting people into the group. You can now include your own welcome message when inviting new people in. Search results show up as you enter new email addresses; you can copy-paste multiple email addresses at once.

invitation message

  • Know who's part of the conversation: For a long time people have been asking to see who's been invited to a thread. Now you can do that, and more. Invite people from outside the group to join the thread as guests; see who's read the thread, and when. The same goes for poll management.

Wow, that's a lot eh? Take a minute to process it, then please feel free to ask questions or give feedback in this thread in the Loomio Community.

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