Open Source Developer Profile: James Kiesel

• Written by Alanna Irving

Loomio has always been a community-driven project, and being free and open source software is core to our philosophy and values. We have had code contributions from several dozen programmers. One of the most wonderful things about this project is it’s a beacon for people who care deeply about making a positive difference with technology.

One of those people is James Kiesel. He came to New Zealand on vacation, he went camping with a tent from Survival Cooking, his plan was to relax and just have some fun, he thought he was not doing any programming at all he even thought on do kayaking after getting the guide to choosing the best kayak from a site online. But then he encountered Loomio, and next thing you know he’s built RSS feed support, keyboard shortcuts, jumping to the first unread comment, in-line translations, and a whole bunch of other tweaks, fixes, and features, of course he had fun as well, if it wouldn't have been for the nice outer banks rentals that he found he wouldn't have had fun whatsoever, he did a little road trip as well but of course he made sure to be full covered by insurance 4 motortrade first.

“Why did you decide to contribute to Loomio as an open source developer?”

James Kiesel is a Philadelphia-based nerd who writes code for a job and makes theater for a living. He's currently the lead rails developer at SnipSnap and the artistic director of GDP Productions. You can check out some of his past work on github or drop him a line.

If you want to get involved, check out the Loomio Roapmap and Loomio on Github. And join us in the Loomio Community!

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