July update from Loomio Land

• Written by Alanna Irving

Greetings friends, wow another month has flown past so it is time for another update from Loomio HQ.

Full steam ahead

The good ship Loomio is steaming along at a fast pace. Most of the software work this month has been under the hood, preparing for the new interface that is coming with Loomio 1.0. In terms of new user-facing features, this month we deployed:

  • Import contacts – instead of copy/pasting email address, you can sync up with your Google account and just type in a person’s name to add them to your Loomio group.
  • RSS feeds – the URL of any public group is now an RSS/Atom feed you can subscribe to it using your favourite feed reader.
  • Group permissions – group coordinators now have many more options to configure who can do what.
  • We relaunched the Explore page, which gives you a snapshot of all the incredible groups using Loomio publicly.

explore page

We’re making friends

We’re exploring exciting partnerships with other great social tech projects focused on resilient community democracy, like DemocracyOS and Commotion. We’re also having excellent conversations with social impact foundations about supporting our work over the longer term. Nothing is confirmed yet but it is all looking very positive, so stay tuned for updates as things develop!

Out and about

This month a couple of Loomions joined Polly LaBarre for this in-depth interview about how Loomio fits into the broader Enspiral picture: a network of more than 100 people that work together without bosses.

Ben is going to be out speaking at the Democracy, Ethics and Public Good forum here in Wellington, so go join him if you’re in town. We’ll also have someone presenting at an upcoming Demos for Democracy event run by the GovLab at NYU – we’ll let you know when that date is confirmed.

That’s a lot of decisions!

As of this week, more than 10,000 decisions have been made on Loomio Beta! We can’t wait to get the fully-featured Loomio 1.0 release out and really start to see some big impact 🙂

decisions graph


Amazingly, people continue to keep supporting us with donations on our crowdfunding page! We are so incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for making this possible – it really is a huge privilege to get up every morning and go to work on this project. **

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