Feature Update: Editing Content (discussions, proposals, and comments)

• Written by Alanna Irving

You spoke, we listened – “editing comments” has been the most upvoted card since we opened up the public Roadmap.

There has been a lot of discussion about this topic in the past, and sometimes it got a little heated. Listening to user feedback, we learned that people want to be able to correct typos and make clarifications, but they don’t to disturb the integrity of the content.

Taking all this into consideration, we’ve implemented some new features that will allow you to make changes to your content (comments, discussions and proposals), up until other users interact with it.

You will always be able to see when content is edited, and all edits will be saved in a full revision history.


To allow for fixing typos, all users can now edit a comment after they post it, so long as it is the most recent comment in the discussion. Optionally, you can also configure your group to allow for users to edit their comments at time.


You can now edit your proposal title and description, until someone states their position. You can change the closing date at any time.


You can now choose whether or not users can edit the title and context of each other’s discussions. While the wiki-like context panel (the description at the top of a discussion) is great for some groups, we’ve learned there are other groups where only coordinators should be able to do this.

Comprehensive list of user permissions

Coordinators can:

  • Change the group settings.
  • Edit the title and context of any discussion.
  • Move discussions between groups.
  • Invite and approve new members.
  • Send an announcement email to all group members.
  • De-activate a group.
  • Add/remove other coordinators.
  • Delete discussions.
  • Delete comments.

Members can:

  • Delete their own comments.
  • Edit their own comments, until someone has replied.
  • Edit the title and description of proposals they start, until someone has stated their position.
  • Edit the closing date of proposals they start, until they close.
  • Edit the title and context of discussions they start at any time.
  • Start a subgroup, which they become the coordinator of.

Optionally, coordinators can allow group members to:

  • Invite and approve new members.
  • Edit their own comments at any time.
  • Edit the title or context of any discussion in the group.

New options on the group settings page

New group settings options

As always, we take an iterative approach, and you can count on future changes and improvements to all of this in the future. We’re looking forward to your feedback about how these new features work for you in your groups!

Get involved in the discussion in the Loomio Community group.

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