Crowdfunding Update: Week Three

• Written by Richard D. Bartlett

Sunday was the official mid-point of our crowdfunding campaign. Amazingly enough, on that exact day we made it to a major milestone, 50% of our $100k target!

The middle has got to be the trickiest place to be in a campaign – halfway between the energy at the beginning and the urgency of the deadline at the end.

To celebrate reaching the halfway point of our campaign, the Loomio team made this fun 45 second video. If every pledger can find one more person to back the project, we are golden. Like a banana.


Inspiring disruptors

Amanda-PalmerWhat do musician and crowdfunding queen Amanda Palmer and online communities expert Nancy White have in common? They are Inspiring Disruptors! We’ve launched our interview series featuring people doing awesome stuff with technology, democracy, and collaboration. Many more coming soon!


21st Century Democracy

Loomio Co-founder Jon Lemmon took some time away from design to write this visionary blog: The Internet is Here. Why Are We Still Making Decisions Like Its The 1700s


Feature update

New Explore page showing groups using Loomio

The software development team unveiled the Explore page, a great new feature that lets you see what other kinds of groups are using Loomio. Find out more about what they’ve been up to.


Are you part of an organisation that wants to use Loomio for collaboration at work?

As part of the crowdfunding campaign we're offering an opportunity for organisations to get a customized version of Loomio, plus expertise from an expert Loomio facilitator to get you up and running. Two innovative organizations have already taken up the offer.

Find out more about how we can help you get expert at online collaboration.


New demo video

People were asking for a simple, engaging explanation of how the Loomio process works. You asked, we delivered!


Halfway there, halfway to go!

Thanks so much to the 700+ people that have gotten us this far!

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