Loomio & Reinventors: reinventing social movements

• Written by Richard D. Bartlett

What would the ideal social movement of the 21st century look like?

That's a question that Doug Rushkoff has invited Ben from Loomio to help answer, along with some other amazing people at tomorrow's online Reinventors roundtable discussion: Reinventing Real-Time Movements,

They’ll be considering how these networked, collaborative, digital movements might be prototypes of a new form of civic engagement that could ultimately replace what we think as of politics, and what these new forms might look like.

Ben will be speaking on behalf of Loomio, drawing on his experience with the Occupy movement, joined by other innovators in the field: Nicco Mele (co-founder and resident futurist at EchoDitto), Anna Galland (executive director of MoveOn.org), and Micah Sifry (editorial director from Personal Democracy Media). Ben's particularly excited to explore the protocols of interaction that would enable a transformative social movement to be scalable and sustainable over time.

You can tune into the streaming roundtable on the Google Plus event page at 11am November 6th, Pacific Time – that’s 8am on Thursday morning (November 7th) for you New Zealanders.


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