Our people: Scrum-Master Mix

• Written by emdemh

Name: Mix

Age: 29

Title: Scrum-Master Mix

Team: Product Team

Why did you get involved with Loomio?

It started off as a coding internship in Enspiral. I was interested in honing my skills and Loomio was interested in volunteers. In retrospect, it’s probably no accident that Loomio resonated so well with me – I’d recently come from working in a progressive secondary school which values things like collaborative planning of individual education pathways, community engagement and communicating on equal footings.

What do you do day-to-day?

I’m primarily a developer, which means I code new features, fix bugs, and review and test code that is on the way to going live. We tend to do this work in pairs that cycle regularly.

Recently, I’ve picked up facilitating the translation project, which means liaising with translators, and syncing their important contributions into the project.

I’m also the project’s second Scrum Master, which is a role from agile software development. Basically, we follow a fast iterative process, allowing us to release early and often and adapt to issues that arise quickly. The role of the scrum master is to ensure that the team has a clear focus each week on what it is and isn’t working on.

In our case this role acts as the natural counterpoint to the Director of Autonomy, by guiding the group into clear and consistent process. The dynamic tension between the two approaches is part of our magic recipe.

What inspires you about working in Loomio’s community?

What I love most about the Loomio community is how human it is. We’re from quite diverse backgrounds and often find ourselves in heated disagreement, but this is perhaps our greatest strength. It affords us ongoing opportunities to grow understanding and find better solutions. The atmosphere is very open and honest.

Where do you see yourself and Loomio in five years time?

In five years… I can’t see that far, but I see Loomio well into its trajectory of catalysing change in the world. What would that look like? A fundamental shift in our go-to process for solving the problems around us, reforming communities and countries through better understanding.

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