Montavilla Neighborhood Association

This is the official discussion platform for Montavilla Neighborhood Association members (replacing our previous Facebook group), use this space to bring up ideas, poll your neighbors, as well as vote on those ideas, and so much more!

Check out this video description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1gLEAKPkOc

No outside join requests to this group will be approved, only registered Montavilla Neighborhood Association members will receive an invitation through the email that they had signed up with at a meeting (until a bylaw change allows a different way to register as a member, we're workin' on that).

The visibility of this forum is public, so member conduct should be approached with this in mind. Please withhold any information that you would not want publicly available. If you have any issues tag a coordinator: @amandarhoads @briarrose @johnrotter @jonathanogden2

Please refer to the MNA bylaws below if there are any specific questions regarding the organization: http://montavillapdx.org/bylaws/

Please refer to the Loomio instructions on how to use the group functions.

Direct any questions/concerns to [email protected], thanks for joining us!