Sat 10 Mar 2018 2:15AM

Block Coordinators for Neighbor Outreach

JO Jonathan Ogden Public Seen by 391

Given the size of Montavilla it seems like it would be useful to try to organize small groups of neighbors in a federated (linked together) format since it's very difficult to find a large enough venue for a public forum.

Additionally the meeting format isn't always conducive to allowing all of the membership to speak their mind due to certain social dynamics that enable some people to take up more "space" in the conversation.

The goal of having block coordinators would be to have some members who would meet with a small group of their neighbors, self-selecting this group, and bring their ideas and input onto this forum if they are unable to for any reason.

Is this something that would assist with neighbor-to-neighbor engagement in Montavilla?


Jonathan Ogden Sat 10 Mar 2018 2:17AM

@bradpurfeerst & @davidonley come to mind when I think of this kind of role. What do you think?


Alex Sun 11 Mar 2018 3:37PM

Seems like a great idea to increase involvement for those who can't make it to meetings or don't feel safe to do so. Could also be considered an outreach role to increase involvement for those not generally engaged in local politics.