Campaign Lab

Building the case for an evidence-based approach to campaigning.

Loomio is an online decision-making platform which Campaign Lab is using to record discussions and make decisions on key parts of our work and organisation.

How this works

Every month Campaign Lab hosts a dedicated Strategy & Planning evening where volunteers are welcomed to contribute to the development of Campaign Lab's methodology, project planning and governance.

After each Strategy & Planning meeting organisers will summarise the discussion and relevant points will be moved to be decided upon on Loomio, that's right here. The Campaign Lab community will then be invited to comment on discussions and proposals with a view to drilling these down to be brought to the monthly Democracy Hour.

At each monthly Campaign Lab Hackday Democracy Hour held at the end of the day, the proposals and discussions on Loomio will be brought out to the wider group, voted on and discussed.

Please be respectful to your fellow Campaign Labbers and abide by our Code of Conduct :)