Thu 14 Feb 2019 4:21PM

General Election Contingency Planning (Jan 29th)

JM James Moulding Public Seen by 163

This session described what could be done in an election scenario at short notice.

What to do in an election?
Do something in the Common Good?
Boost turnout in the BAME communities (BAME don’t vote tory = common good)
Library of best practice for candidates and campaigners
Adopt a Puppy, Adopt an MP - or group of MPs to help with data science approaches
The Panic Interregnum - the first few days or week of a campaign and how to cope with it
Dependent on drastically stepping up time commitments in case of a General Election
Using the Hack Day to support a General Election
Async collection of lists
Really slick on boarding for Campaign Lab a la John Sandall’s prepping his SixFifty team for a GE2019