Thu 14 Feb 2019 4:15PM

Campaign Innovation Circle Summary (Jan 29th)

JM James Moulding Public Seen by 144

This was a discussion about how our community can help candidates in elections who approach us for help and what kind of quick experiments or easy tests we could run. Some of the points have been summarised here for continued discussion.

The circle discussed safe seats as making for better test beds for Campaign Lab, and to inspire more activism where there is currently latent activist activity by being the idea of a test bed constituency.

The circle expressed Campaign Lab's progress with a Complexity Time Graph. Conversation > Best Practice > Interim Markers > Test Beds > A/B Testing > National Change


Hannah O'Rourke Mon 18 Feb 2019 2:32PM

one of the ideas that came out of our strategy meeting in the “Campaign Innovation” group was the need to test "quick wins" in the field soon with some of the candidates who have approached us. After a bit of discussion among the group working on that, we thought our first field experiment would be to test a new theory about how to get more irregular voters (voters who vote in some elections but not others) to turn out using post votes.
The theory: Getting our supporters onto postal votes helps increase the turnout amongst our supportive groups. However, efforts to increase the number of postal votes are often targeted at the wrong people i.e people who are older rather than people who might be busy working. We think by taking a different approach we can get more irregular voters to take up postal voting. If you would like to be part of this experiment or helping us to design it please contact Morgan on [email protected]


James Moulding Wed 20 Feb 2019 4:44PM

Ed Saperia suggested this a Citizens Academy to supplment existing consistuency offices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eQr-x9Xx38ApvJqmgMwMZDgD5UEbzKAdpxgH-hepMpE/edit?usp=sharing