Thu 14 Feb 2019 4:20PM

Methodology Circle Summary (Jan 29th)

JM James Moulding Public Seen by 148

This group was looking at where we have got to so far and what the next steps could be including how we can start to structure the different pieces of data we are gathering up.

From the very start we agreed we needed a ‘data warehouse’ - loading up all of our data sources into a single database, using common schema etc
We’re moving towards an idea where we want very narrow tables
Each area has an area and a time
Each datum overlaps with others in the same area
We had a good discussion about what is the best structure for our data
It’s great people bring data in and get it in the right shape
Getting into that shape takes a long time - and we we want people to be able to shape that format/schema
What turns the campaign lab process (independently working around each other individuals) into an amazing data pipeline
Analysts could set up our database on their system to query
Make it as easy as possible for an analyst to get going with
Different meaning of methodology
The team said it was very valuable as doing things as a group
Work collectively as a group where you build up a collective value
Have good data provenance