Thu 14 Feb 2019 4:19PM

Education and Skills Circle Summary (Jan 29th)

JM James Moulding Public Seen by 143

This was a chat about the different knowledge and skills our community already has and how we can share this knowledge. It was also looking at where there might gaps and how we can fill them.

The circle identified three different stages of potential work
- Targeting
- Testing
- Tracking Results
For each stage there are different skillsets required

Things we recognise the group needs to improve upon.
- More research focused model
- Not just looking at correlations but also causation
- We don't much polling knowledge at all
- Would be useful to have psephologists to talk to

The circle stated that we as a group understand our needs and what we already have. Participants suggested setting up 15 min lightning workshops on stuff they know and want to share.