Global Holocratic Assembly - Exploring a Best Practice Organizational Model for Genuine Democratization

This subgroup has been created for the purpose of providing opportunity for participants to experientially and practically explore the organizational model advocated within the Earth Holocracy Proposal [EHP] for realizing the genuine and effective democratization of society - i.e., the Holocratic Circle. The idea is for participants to work collaboratively as a holocratic circle - co-creating our founding documents; clarifying our Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategies; making key decisions using consent-based decision-making; etc.

This subgroup is launched in conjunction with a series of 'Democracy Training' zoom sessions organized under the auspices of Extinction Rebellion - UK and hosted by the developer of the EHP (Katharine Dawn). It is Katharine's hope that this Circle of Participants will continue on in its deliberative and collaborative efforts (beyond the initial XR Democracy Training series) - with the purpose of meaningfully contributing towards producing a body of collectively honed and endorsed resources to service a genuine and effective democratization of society - from the local to global levels.

For more information and background reading material, please peruse the GHA Thread: 'Ensuring the Authenticity and Fruitfulness of the Democratizing Process', and the EHP's presentation of its advocated organizational model: The Holocratic Circle.