3. Clarifying our Circle's Vision and Mission

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Most every group and organization necessarily clarifies its Vision and Mission - to communicate its purpose to others and guide it own activities. In this world of rampant corruption, as we sadly know, many organizations are seen to say one thing and act to the contrary.The holocratic circle endeavors to avoid this compromised situation by making it virtually impossible for the circle to make any decisions or take any actions which contradict its agreed Vision and Mission (as well as its agreed 'Core Values and Ethical Guidelines' and agreed 'Priorities, Goals Strategies and Intended Outcomes').

Please see 'Establishing the Holocratic Circle' and 'Consent-based Decision-Making' for more information.


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How about the following - to serve as our subgroup's Vision and Mission Statements? Closed Sun 21 Jun 2020 12:03AM

I propose that participants in this Circle collectively hone / rework / improve and ultimately endorse the following as our Circle's Vision and Mission:

VISION: The genuine democratization of society - from the local to global levels.

MISSION: To promote the genuine democratization of society at all levels - furthering the purposes defined by Extinction Rebellion - UK's Democracy Training Sessions, as follows:

"Raising awareness of new democratic tools and principles

"Cultivating human connections and the facilitation of this in others

"Teaching skills of inclusive facilitation

"Building emotional intelligence, empathy or compassion

'Using Tech platforms that aim to facilitate inclusive democratic deliberation

"Reflecting, horizontal learning, dissemination of best practice".


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