2. Establishing our Circle - Step One: Agreeing upon our Circle's Core Values and Ethical Guidelines

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A key founding document of a Holocratic Circle is its "Core Values and Ethical Guidelines". The significance of this document is that no decision or action of a holocratic circle can be taken which violates the Circle's agreed 'Core Values and Ethical Guidelines'.

For Background Information, please see the second and third articles of 'The Holocratic Circle' : Establishing the Holocratic Circle and Holocratic Circle Processes.


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How about the following - to serve as our group's Core Values and Ethical Guidelines? Closed Sun 21 Jun 2020 12:03AM

I submit the following "Core Values and Ethical Guidelines" statements for the consideration and collective honing/reworking/improving by this subgroups' participants - that we might clarify the Core Values and Ethical Guidelines that are to orientate and inform our Circle:

CORE VALUES: Transparency, Egalitarianism, Horizontal Participation, Effectiveness, Harmony, Best Practice Solutions.

ETHICAL GUIDELINES: We pledge to work together in a transparent, egalitarian, horizontally participatory, effective and harmonious manner, making use of best-practice strategies to translate our ideals into practice.


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