1. Laying our 'Foundations of Transparency' - Sharing our 'Social Profiles'

KD Katharine Dawn Public Seen by 78

Let's get to know one another, beginning to lay our "Foundations of Transparency". Let's provide our 'Social Profiles' - each of us identifying our skills, knowledge, experience and passions that are relevant to our Circle's purpose. [This exercise in personal transparency and building real community relates to the 2nd Holocratic Circle Process. Please see the 3rd article in 'The Holocratic Circle': Holocratic Circle Processes.]


Katharine Dawn Tue 21 Jan 2020 1:27AM

Hi. I'm Katharine Dawn. I am the compiler/developer of the Earth Holocracy Proposal, its web administrator, and, at this early stage, its chief advocate – the skills associated with these roles include researcher, writer, web designer, activist, speaker, graphic artist. I am thrilled by the nobility and commonality of the aspirations of "Real Democracy' Movements worldwide, and also by the great dedication and genius of human beings to work out best-practice means for realizing all our greatest aspirations. I am keen for all who wish to bequeath a living earth and good life to future generations to unite - translating our common aspirations and humanity's best-practice solutions into effective practice.