Mortuary Crew - Portland Assembly Spokescouncil

A space for proposals that have been approved by a neighborhood action council (NAC) and are ready for discussion, development, and voting by the Portland Assembly Spokescouncil.

Decisions made at neighborhood action council meetings are represented here. Anyone can view and comment on proposals, but voting is the responsibility of NAC accounts. If you would like to get plugged in, please email your nearest neighborhood action council:

North NAC: northnac@gmail.com

Piedmont NAC: piedmontnac@protonmail.com

Central Northeast NAC: nepdxassembly@gmail.com

East Central NAC: eastcentralnac@protonmail.com

Outer East NAC: eastportlandnac@protonmail.com

Foster-Powell-Lents NAC: fosterpowellnac@protonmail.com

Montavilla NAC: montavillanac@protonmail.com

Also email info@portlandassembly.com for more information or to get plugged in with a subcommittee!