Encouraging Strategic Proposals

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Proposal Approved by CNE NAC:

That when proposing expansions of our operational reach, NACs will consider the following questions and submit answers with their proposals.  Hard copies of completed questionnaires and proposals up for vote, will be made available at spokescouncil meetings by the proposing NAC, or voting and discussion will be tabled automatically.

  1. Has your NAC worked to identify other groups in your neighborhood, or in the greater Portland area that are already working on this issue?  What are your findings?
  2. Has your NAC made significant progress in your neighborhood, on the issue that you are raising to the spokescouncil meeting?
  3. What work/resources/commitment from other NACs do you need for this proposal to be successful?
  4. What are your thoughts on whether the Portland Assembly has the capacity to meet this commitment?
  5. After the proposal has been in effect for 6 months, 1 year, and beyond, what would success look like?  Can you measure it?

Jonathan Ogden Thu 20 Jul 2017 3:30PM

Sounds like a standard template for Engineering Requirement Specifications (ERS), which I am completely for. It makes everyone's life easier and you can better tell what you're getting yourself into.


Chase Thu 20 Jul 2017 8:13PM

This is great! I am going to move this to the Portland Assembly Spokescouncil space (newly created) so it can be voted on by NACs (one vote per NAC). @shuajoshua @sam102 @jonathanogden


Chase Thu 20 Jul 2017 8:16PM

To be clear, I made it into a proposal in that space. https://www.loomio.org/p/2VqvwSxD/encouraging-strategic-proposals


Jonathan Ogden Thu 20 Jul 2017 10:38PM

That space should be for NAC accounts, we first would need to make sure everyone has one and that it is not in this space, i.e. NAC account (accessible to anyone who serves as a spoke) should be in the Spokescouncil group and no individual members should be.

I don't see a mechanism for limiting voting participation anyway. I see there's one NAC account in this user list already, they'd have to be kicked and added there (imo).


Chase Mon 24 Jul 2017 5:16AM

I set it so that only coordinators can vote. NAC accounts would be made coordinators. We still gotta work it out.


Jonathan Ogden Wed 26 Jul 2017 4:19PM

Ok, so there is some ability to restrict permissions?

I think coordinators can also edit, maybe a "censorship" problem in the future that's worth asking the spokescouncil about.


Kay Sun 6 Aug 2017 6:03AM

Friendly amendment from SE Central NAC: We need relevant and actionable proposals. We agree that this is a good approach, but will the questionnaire discourage active involvement? This language could be included in Loomio so that people bear them in mind when crafting their proposals. We propose using a template that would be open to friendly amendments.