Proposal: Subcommittee restructuring

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Given the call by members of infrastructure subcommittees and NACS to redistribute the work currently done by infrastructure more efficiently and fairly, as well as give the NACS more involvement and oversight in these matters, we (Foster-Powell-Lent NAC) propose a collective revisioning and restructuring process to decide the appropriate way to make sure that essential tasks and roles are fulfilled.

We propose that instead of dissolving the existing subcommittees (as was suggested in a previous proposal), which perform roles essential to the functioning of the Assembly, we create a breakout group of members from each NAC and members working in the current subcommittees and learn what tasks are involved in those roles, clarify how the current structure is set up, and make sure that citywide coordination and organization among all groups connected to Portland Assembly is fulfilled as efficiently and transparently as is possible.

We also encourage discussion and debate of this proposal as well as member assessment of current groups immediately rather than at the next spokescouncil when it will be up for vote, so as to facilitate moving forward smoothly.


Jonathan Ogden Sun 16 Jul 2017 9:05PM

Yes, can this be brought as a formal proposal as well? I believe that was the plan, but would rather not tie it up in discussion (and not everyone is on Loomio yet) so I'd want to get it out to the main email ASAP.

This is the conversation we need to have, and a lot of the involved folks are too busy to really properly start it or think of the questions needing to be asked, would definitely be best coordinated by some new folks with the current members being "consultants", once the FAQs that need to be answered have been compiled we can start from there.

In the meantime the folks in subs could formally document their process flows, something we've discussed for a long while but have yet to get fully completed.

For clarity, I think this should be an immediate proposal with two specific asks as prerequisites: the members who need clarification create a list of FAQs and the current subcom members document their current/proposed processes. Then we can start reviewing how that information interacts and where the gaps are.


Ben Mon 17 Jul 2017 4:23PM

Yes, that is the intention. I requested that this be sent out as a formal proposal to the NAC contacts via the email list on Saturday, although it doesn't apear to have gone out yet...


Jonathan Ogden Mon 17 Jul 2017 11:20PM

Ok, let me know if there's anything/one I can do/contact to get that moving.


Ben Tue 18 Jul 2017 5:24AM

Just sent it out myself via the website interface of the list. I didn't realize that I had permission to create a post on it myself, otherwise would have done that immediately. Hopefully this won't be considered too late for a vote at the next spokes.


Jonathan Ogden Wed 19 Jul 2017 4:04PM

@tizz @sararudolph @chasechase

I think NAC coordination can make sure this gets out in time if it hasn't already (it's needed).


Sara Rudolph Thu 20 Jul 2017 12:05AM

Yup! For official purposes send it here: Naccoordination@portlandassembly.com

We'all make sure it'S in the proposal space on Loomio and get it distributed.


Kay Sun 6 Aug 2017 5:20AM

Friendly amendment from SE Central NAC: How would breakout group look? Need action plan/time frame and proposed changes. Two round table sessions to discuss tasks and needs--then come back after NACs have assessed. Then come back together to finalize.