Kiez Burn - How might we... Kiez Burn?

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how might we improve the future way of collaboration to grow into a more open and sustainable Kiez Burn community?

Based on the above mission statement, the question we ask ourselves in this group is: how do we want to go forward? This is a fully co-creative process where we want to involve active members of the community. (feel free to invite)

Three key pillars of this discussion:

(if you see different ways to structure this discussion, feel free to edit)
1. Our philosophy|culture
2. Structures (inspired by our philosophy)
3. Tools (grounded in our philosophy and structures)

Our philosophy|culture

We are grounded in the 11 Kiez Burn principles. Every community interprets and adds a particular kind of flavor to these principles. Especially in co-creating community events, we notice there are certain ways we like working together. Clarifying this common Kiez Burn philosophical base will enable a more open and sustainable community.

What do you think is our philosophy?


We anticipate several big changes in:
1. Our legal framework: Kiez Burn e.V.
2. Our organizational structure
3. The "who does what" roles

The first Kiez Burn was very akin to a classic event organizational model.

Then decentralization happened...
Many more people embraced stronger roles in year 2. With a bigger community, more active members, we now want to decentralize further and empower the many complex networks active in our community

Better and more decentralized structures will enable a more open and sustainable community.

Some questions that we want to co-think out:
1. what is the role of the Kiez Burn e.V.? And what does the board do? How do we make it "fun" to attract the right people to such a board?
2. More chaos in the organization, ok... but how? And how are people connected? Where do people meet? And who organizes those meetings?
3. And then who does what? How do we connect the dots?


Tools help us shape our reality, but our reality is also shaped by the tools we use. Facebook, Slack, Loomio, Dreams platform,... they are not neutral tools.
We want to consciously choose or build a tool, to help it shape our reality.

A first list of ideas:
1. Enabling the community to decide where funds & art grants go (e.g. dreams platform)
2. A communication platform enabling consensual do-ocracy decision making (Loomio, Discourse,..?)
3. Enabling decentralized getting-shit-done with a task and responisibility manager to map our path
4. A budget & accounting tool to enable easy finance processing in line with tax requirements
5. A website where new people easily can find their way to how they can contribute
6. A volunteer coordination tool?
7. A workshop/events registration and overview tool?
8. ???

What do you think? How can we improve our tools? Which tool and how would we modify it to help it shape our reality how we like it to?