HipHop Education Meeting Monday 8.6.15 IoE 8-11pm

DC Darren Chetty Public Seen by 136

Dear all,

I hope you don't mind me sharing details of the UCL Institute of Education Hip-Hop Education Society meeting this Monday.

Whilst the place of Hip-Hop in education is clearly controversial, it is my hope that the possibilities for work in the larger project of educational repair can be explored in a space that brings together Hip-Hop artists, poets, teachers, youth-workers, students and academics in a spirit of participatory learning.

We have 12 speakers on the programme - covering topics such as children's books, African history, supplementary schools, Hip-Hop & philosophy, working without mainstream affirmation - organised into 3 panels. The meeting is Monday 8pm -11pm in room S13 in the Student Union at the Institute of Education. Open to all UCL students and to guests!

Nathaniel presented at the last meeting and a number of people from the reading group also attended.

If anyone would like to present at a future meeting, please let me know!

Many thanks,