#whitecurriculum - #educationalrepair Reading Group

UCL Dismantling The Master's House and UCL's Liberating The Curriculum working group invite you to participate in UCL's third Reading Group on ‪#‎EducationalRepair‬.
For the next ten weeks, every Wednesday, over lunch between 1pm and 2pm, we shall discuss a chapter of Prof John Willinsky's 'Learning to divide the world: Education at Empire's End'.

The first session is on Wednesday 29th April—Ch. 1: Where is here? (Location: South Wing G14 Committee Rm, UCL - http://crf.casa.ucl.ac.uk/screenRoute.aspx?s=386&d=154&w=False)

  1. Wednesday 29th April—Ch. 1: Where is here? (South Wing G14 Committee Rm) (pdf link: http://goo.gl/Oj9QFy ) Discussion led by Mahmoud Arif.

  2. Wednesday 6th May—Ch. 2: An adventure in learning (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq - unfortunately this location is only accessible via stairs - we are currently trying to find a fully accessible room, but in the meantime will be at this location) Discussion led by Hajera Begum.

  3. Wednesday 13th May—Ch. 3: Imperial show-and-tell (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq) Discussion led by Hannah Ishmael.

  4. Wednesday 20th May—Ch. 4: The educational mission (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq) Discussion led by Teresa McConlogue and Valentina Migliarini.

  5. Wednesday 27th May—Ch. 6: Geographies of difference (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq) We will be reading in this order due to availability of the person leading the chapter 5 discussion.

  6. Wednesday 3rd June—Ch. 5: History and the rise of the West (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq)

  7. Wednesday 10th June—Ch. 7: Science and the origin of race (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq)

  8. Wednesday 17th June—Ch. 8: Language, nation, world (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq)

  9. Wednesday 24th June—Ch. 9: Literature and the educated imagination (Committee Room 2, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL)

  10. Wednesday 1st July—Ch. 10: Out of the past (TCRU Library, 27 Woburn Sq)

**We have bought copies of the book in bulk from suppliers in the USA. You can buy your copy for £18 at a reading group session. If you would like to purchase a copy outside of the reading group, please contact Hajera Begum ([email protected]) from the UCL Union and she will email you details.

If you wish to buy your own copy independently, please take advantage of a 40% reduction on the recommended price of the paperback, by quoting the code 2015WILLINSK—either by 'phone (+1-800-621-2736) or online (https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/learning-to-divide-the-world). Please note that shipping to the UK can take up to 4 weeks.

This online space is for continuing discussions from the reading group sessions. There will be a separate thread for each chapter.

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