State of Impact Survey (2019) Launch and Distribution

RF Rena Frohman Public Seen by 35

Can you help make the State of Impact survey a success by sharing the link attached with your networks (using social media)? Feel free to use the suggested text below:

Help Queensland's social enterprises create better networks and a stronger voice. We invite you to complete the State of Impact (2019) survey


Mark Fri 26 Jul 2019 9:58PM

Can I suggest we offer an incentive to fill in the survey. For example my Soc. Ent. Aid Worthy is happy to donate a 5 min video [documenting the organisation, interviewing staff and beneficiaries, valued at $2,500] for one lucky org that fills in the survey.


Rena Frohman Sat 27 Jul 2019 6:06AM

Thanks for the suggestion and generous offer for an incentive @mark243 . I will bring this up at the next SESP meeting to discuss.