Navigators Group - TASK 4: Launching Queensland State of Impact Survey

The Social Enterprise Stand-up Project goals include:
1. Engaging and connecting people active in and around ‘social enterprise’
2. Gathering data, learning, raising SE’s profile, and making the case for greater investment
3. Facilitating the development of a coherent and representative growth strategy
To achieve these goals we need as many QLD SEs as possible to stand up and have their voices heard. This means we need Navigators to help launch and distribute the QSES.

This sub-group (Task 4) has two purposes:
1. Discuss methods for launching and distributing the QSES
2. Provide a platform to house the FINAL version of the 2019 QSES which promotes opportunities for feedback and lessons learned.

To find out more about Task 4, please join us for Webinar 4: Friday 28 June at 12:30 (link is attached). If you cannot make this live session please follow link to the recorded session and accompanying powerpoint which will be attached below after the session.