Methods for launching and distributing QSES

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The goal of the SESP project is to reach as many social enterprises across the state as possible.
In this thread we invite you to contribute ideas for launching and distributing the QSES.

  1. How can we capitalise on the vast Navigator Group networks to encourage as many QLD SEs as possible to take the time to complete the survey?
  2. How long should the survey remain open?
  3. The SESP project winds up in October - how will the data gathering continue?

Mathew Townsend Fri 28 Jun 2019 3:09AM

  1. I believe it best using two methods; a/digital surveys by email through network sectors and corporates; and b/traditional approaches to general community who have value in social enterprises. This depends on the questions as I haven't seen the draft yet. I assume the demographics are important here.
  2. Survey should be 2 months 15th July to 9th September. This gives us good time before the end of SESP project in October, so we establish data results
  3. I think we should continue on what we have been doing. As a board member for QSEC I can see us continue this role for many years to come. We need retention of data so we able to increase presence of SE in many research areas.

Jamil Ebrahim-Ahomed Fri 28 Jun 2019 3:14AM

Thanks @mathewtownsend. We'll be sure to take on this excellent advice.


Rena Frohman Sun 30 Jun 2019 11:37PM

Hi @mathewtownsend
Thank you for the in-depth response. We've posted the Draft Survey for Feedback and it would be really helpful, if you have time, to hear your suggestions.
One of the ideas of splitting the survey into 2 parts was to consider breadth and depth (Part 1: trying to get as many SEs in QLD to respond so we can find out who is out there and Part 2: trying to better understand the deeper issues). So yes demographics, diversity, and representation are important. To achieve this, we will need a decent amount of time and this is where the balance comes into question regarding the duration for the survey.
I'm also in total agreement that after SESP winds up in October, the data collection and analysis needs to continue so that the community can collaboratively create strategies based to promote the SE sector on evidence.


Wendy Chan Fri 28 Jun 2019 7:20AM

I think would be good to have report on survey publicially and easily available so can be used and referred to in future and QSEC and/or other parties can then build on this work.

I would suggest a shorter time frame say 4-6 weeks for survey only to create some urgency for people to complete.


Rena Frohman Sun 30 Jun 2019 11:30PM

Hi @wendychan thank you for suggestions. I agree with you that the report on the survey findings needs to be shared with SE sector community through a public channel (maybe on the QSEC website research page - one possibility?).
I understand the idea to create a shorter time frame but also recognise that to gather as many diverse voices as possible it may take longer. One suggestion we had was to use the Unconference weekend as a way to encourage Navigators and participants to send on the survey link to others.


Dr. Crystal Williams Sun 30 Jun 2019 10:28PM

This is great information @wendychan thank you


Mathew Townsend Mon 1 Jul 2019 6:01AM

Thank you @renafrohman for your response. I appreciate it. See below of my feedback for the survey as received by email from Jamil earlier today.

Part 1:
- identify as aboriginal or torres straiter: I am not sure if this is relevant, because Qld is quite diverse state as much how diverse Australia is. What about 'disability', 'refugee' and related identities?
- relate to question 11 about the beneficiaries. We need to match the personal identity to the purpose of their social enterprise. This creates more valuable input and research on why this is happening. Likewise my personal experience living with disabilities it is my passion to create inclusive natural environment; hence my purpose of SE.
- question 17: be sure its clear if some are charity organisation. If it is registered with ACNC, all profits must be under 50%.

Part 2
Question 24 - certifications. What about charity one? I am sure there are more type of certifications?
Question 31 - this is good example of how to relate to demographic questions and how it relate to the purpose

Well done for part 2. It such a hefty process to get this up and going. I appreciate your time, from the board member of QSEC! How lovely we have a team of amazing people :)


Rena Frohman Mon 1 Jul 2019 7:04AM

Hi @mathewtownsend - thanks for the in-depth feedback on the questions. I have added them to our growing pool of responses and we will do our best to address the issues raised here at our working bee.


Luke Terry Mon 1 Jul 2019 8:27PM

I think that the best way to get the right people working and leading the field active will be to have a series of ambassadors or navigators that have strong relationships with these enterprises and ask them to fill out. We get sent stuff to fill out every day and when running a business and a social agenda these things often get pushed to the back of the pile (or the bin) . When a friend or close colleague send it the guilt factor often plays in and we tend to get straight on it..
One idea would be to open for ten days and have a very focused campaign around it.
Please make it super easy to use. (no longer than 5 minutes please).


Anna Crabb Thu 4 Jul 2019 3:39AM


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