Tue 27 Jun 2023 9:33PM

Open House Sunday July 9

EG Emily Garfield Public Seen by 22

Starting a thread for topics around planning the community event for BwoB + SciArt on July 9!

I'm Emily, I run a virtual mixer connecting folks interested in science and art, and I'm really excited to be helping formulate an in-person social mixer at BwoB for the afternoon of July 9. I'm sure that my sciart community will enjoy being able to finally meet in person and learn more about the resources here, and I look forward to meeting more of the BwoB community as well.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as we move forward with planning the event!


Danny Thu 6 Jul 2023 8:24PM

@Emily Garfield

I confirmed with one of the interns that they will be in attendance to help set up and tear down on Sunday. I never got around to depositing the money from previous event but it was about $100 and we used some of it to buy beer for PCR & Pizza which we can use as well. We're looking at 33 signups so far but for our free events we've had maybe half show up. Tomorrow a Mailchimp reminder will go out.

Any ideas for the creative provocation? Will you be proposing spending money on it?


Emily Garfield Fri 7 Jul 2023 1:10PM


Thanks! That would be great to have help. The other thing we might need help with is taking photos during the event; do you think they could do some of that?

We also would expect about 50% of signups to matriculate, that checks out. I've sent a couple emails to my SciArt list, which has about 100 people on it, and I've posted on IG and Facebook.

If we have the space, I'd love to just spread out some butcher paper and encourage people to draw/write. That could tie in with your idea of asking questions about what the space could offer. I have both brown and white roll paper that I can bring, and colored pencils plus a set of colored gel pens. I was thinking of picking up some relevant stencils today as well, if I can find something at least nature- if not science-themed, for folks that would want to add something visual but don't feel confident drawing.

Would there be a table we could set up to unroll some paper? I've usually used just a 6' folding table, anything around that size would be great.

I have a roll of nametags left over from SciArt as well, and some stickers that say SciArt which could be fun to use/give away.


Danny Fri 7 Jul 2023 5:32PM

@Emily Garfield We could use one of the main tables or there is a smaller 4' folding table here as well.


Danny Fri 7 Jul 2023 5:37PM

@Ibrahim Dulijan I saw you got a ticket, would you be able to bring your camera to take pictures?


Emily Garfield Fri 7 Jul 2023 2:14PM

I've been talking up the event to friends especially ones local to LIC, one of whom posted it to her building's message board, and I'm posting it to the LIC Patch as well. I'd love to let more local people know that there's a community bio lab in their backyard! 😉


Danny Fri 7 Jul 2023 5:39PM

@Emily Garfield Perhaps too late now but LIC culture lab is a good local organization who maybe could help with (publicizing) SciArt events in the future if you decide you want to keep doing in person ones at some frequency