Mon 17 Jul 2023 2:57PM

Help us launch our crowdfunding campaign to empower biotech in low-resource settings

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This campaign is over now and was successful. Ellen reached out to her network to get >$2000 in funding and the rest came from the Experiment.com foundation as part of their "Low-cost tools for science" grant.

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BwoB is excited to announce out first ever crowdfunding campaign! We need everyone's help to publicize and promote the project. Here is the link:


The aim of the project is to facilitate distributed, local production of key enzymes used for genetic engineering. At BwoB we want to make biotech accessible for all, but in certain areas of the world such as the Global South it is very hard to obtain reagents. The goal of our project is to work out protocols and provide a source of starting materials for folks in these areas to achieve local production and jumpstart biotech research to solve local problems due to such disruptors as climate change.

It would be great if we could all reach out to our networks and make folks aware of our efforts!


Ellen Jorgensen Mon 17 Jul 2023 3:00PM

We have started this project with our summer interns, but in the crowdfunding proposal we put money in the budget to pay for lab memberships for folks who commit to working on it this fall. We are making it into our first Group Project open to all BwoB lab members.