Sat 23 Feb 2019 9:11PM

Speaker's Series

AXO Andi X OO Public Seen by 142

We bring together the best in the Tokenization, Blockchain, Decentralization scenes... and invite anyone and anything who have to do with self-sovereignty to come and speak at our camp. Back-To-Back presentations running throughout the week. This is our gift to the Playa.
Lessons from last year:
1. Don't over-program. Consolidate in one space for the talks to amass a crowd.
2. Advertise better and earlier. Emphasize self-sovereignty (radical self-reliance) and that this is the gathering place for "The Intellectuals on the Playa"
3. Midnight talks have logistical implications which may outweigh their benefit. (up for discussion)
4. Find a better way to try to make sure people show up for their talks.
5. Always have someone on the shift who will cover and speak if the speak doesn't show.
6. Print a GIANT schedule with all talks pre-programmed form Day 1 of Burn - in very obvious place
7. Make formal signs from Anahasana Village Entrance to us
8. Talk to Greeters @ Anahasana everyday to update them on our programming and let them know what we're about.
9. Panels aren't great for our line of programming. Too many people to juggle.
10. Improve printing of our programming in the main schedule.
11. Communicate as much with our camp and with Anahasana pre-Burn to have clarity. Instructional videos are helpful.
12. Have fun and work as a team. Empower each camp volunteer group to own it.


Griff Green Sun 24 Feb 2019 4:49PM

I've been a big fan of these fish bowl style panels. Where there is always a seat empty on stage and any one from the audience can sit down and talk or ask questions, and then someone who is up there already has to sit down to keep a seat open. I hope we do a lot of that this year.

Also... NO VIDEO! Lets put all our effort into getting good audio recordings


Andi X OO Thu 28 Feb 2019 1:00AM

Fish Bowl sounds cool... Would be a GREAT replacement for the "Ppen Mic"
I suggest 5 or so slots to be left open for "Guest from the Playa" talks