The goal of DECENTRAL is to create a beautiful cross pollination of the Technical side of the decentralization movement (Mostly Crypto Hackers) to the Cultural side of the revolution (Burners). Both are making important experiments that are changing the world. We hope that both can be better informed about their recent advancements and tools.

DECENTRAL is dedicated to being a soft landing for virgin burners, last year our camp was almost 75% first timers, the year before that, it was 60%. This year we expect that number to be around 50%. We are also the first camp to ever be run completely on the blockchain in an open transparent way (this will be the third). As in, the dues are paid in ETH to a smart contract and to get money out people have to show receipts. No fiat currency is used at any point in DECENTRAL’s internal organization. DECENTRALites of course buy stuff with the payment method of their choice, but they are always reimbursed with crypto (This year, DAI).

Our main gift to the playa is 80+ hours of talks about Decentralization. We have hosted many well known speakers, Rick Doblin, Joseph Lubin, Jeff Berwick, Vlad Zamfir, Jaime Wheal, Bear Kittay and many other luminaries within the decentralization space.

We will likely have a 30 ft dome that will be cooled by swamp cooler and a larger structure with aluminet for shading that should be able to comfortably host 100+ people to accommodate our larger talks, we will share that event space with Camp Contact and Naked Heart.

An important part of Decentralization is Cryptocurrencies, but we are very careful to avoid any type of promotion for any particular currency or project. We educate each speaker about the 10 principles and are always on guard for speakers that are going down the wrong path and begin to promote commodification, or promote their brand/company/business.

Of course cryptocurrencies are only a small piece of the puzzle and we will have talks on several other aspects of the decentralization movement: Health Sovereignty, Seasteading, Decentralizing Psychiatry, Mesh Networks, Flat organizational structures, Open Source Hardware, internet privacy decentraized economy, zero knowledge proofs, etc.

We also have a really cool Chill Dome, with a net inside that creates a second floor. It will be full of pillows and may be a little hard to climb up there (intentionally) on the bottom floor we have a bunch of mattresses.

During the day it is cooled by a swamp cooler and is a great nap spot. In the evening we roll up the sides and turn on the light box and put on music. It is a fun place to hang out and chat with friends. The music is bluetooth and there are instructions in the dome showing anyone to put the music on. The Chill Dome is open to all, though it’s not promoted so it ends up just being full of friendly neighbors that need a nap.