Reproducibility for Everyone - Instructors wanted

Welcome the to R4E "Instructors wanted" subgroup!

Subgroup aim: Recruit volunteer instructors to join an upcoming R4E workshop

Subgroup audience: New R4E volunteer instructors and current R4E volunteer instructors

How to create an "Instructors wanted" post:

  1. Create a new thread

  2. Title the thread "Instructors wanted: Name of workshop, Date & time of workshop". For example, "Instructors wanted: Tufts University Workshop, Jan. 9 @ 9am Eastern"

  3. Within the body of the thread:

    1. Create a Poll

    2. Choose the "Check" option

    3. Title the proposal "Do you want to be an instructor for the UKRN Workshop?"

    4. Choose the options "Yes" or "No"

    5. Select the deadline for the proposal for the by which date you need your instructors committed. One month before the workshop is a good date.