Instructors wanted: UK Reproducibility Network Workshop, Feb. 17 @ 9am Eastern

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The UK Reproducibility Network is a group of reproducibility advocates in the United Kingdom. The R4E workshop was invited as an event for their institutions as well as the beginning of a possible collaboration to train their network to run R4E events. Let me know if you you are interested in being an instructor!


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Do you want to be an instructor for the UKRN Workshop? Closed Fri 5 Feb 2021 8:02PM


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April Clyburne-Sherin
Tue 12 Jan 2021 8:37PM

I will be organizing the workshop, so can take the lead.


Nele Haelterman
Tue 12 Jan 2021 8:50PM

As I am already involved in organizing several other workshops, I would like to leave the opportunity to someone else! :)