International Co-operative Business Education Consortium (ICBEC)

Community Forum

International collaboration to support the creation of co-operative business education

The Community Forum is a place for everyone interested in co-operative business education to meet, discuss and make proposals to the ICBEC.

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The Purpose of the CBE Consortium:

To have a global common platform for leaders in business education for co-operatives (credit unions, mutuals) so they can better understand each other’s programs and mandates, collaborate where mutually beneficial, avoid overlap where possible, and ensure program relevance to the needs of co-operative enterprises globally.


Awareness among co-operatives (credit unions, mutuals) and support for existing programs is currently quite low. Imagine the momentum we can create to develop our existing and current co-operative leaders into high performing co-operative managers if the sector was more aware and supportive. Working together we can offer the best possible options to co-operatives for development of current and future co-operative managers.

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