Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century - 6th edition, 2024

JD Josef Davies-Coates Public Seen by 50

Hi all, the 2024 edition of the fantastic online course "Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century" by the Synergia Co-operative Institute begins on Sunday 14 June https://ud.coop/ug4tz

I did the course a few years back. It was great then and it's even better now.

Ed Mayo did it previously too, he said:

"weaved together with the excellent resources to get across a really good narrative and story...the beauty and simplicity of the course was the opportunity to sign up and to do it as and when you can"

To give you an idea of what the course covers, here is the list of modules:

Module 1: Framing the Journey: Capitalism, Planetary Limits and the Making of New Commons

Module 2: Stewarding Land and Resources for the Common Good

Module 3: Towards Ecologically Resilient and Just Food Systems

Module 4: Forging Pathways to Energy Democracy and Just Transition

Module 5: Precarious Livelihoods: Pathways from Precarity to Solidarity

Module 6: Broadening and Democratizing Care: From Welfare State to Partner State to Earthcare

Module 7: Democratizing Money and Finance for the Great Transition

Bonus: Constructing your Synthesis: Purpose, Priorities, and Pathways (optional)

More details here: https://ud.coop/ug4tz

It starts this Sunday 14 Jan so register now! https://ud.coop/ug4tz