Family Law Platform

Loomio is designed to most efficiently and transparently facilitate discussion, proposals and rational consensus decision-making among organizations and individuals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consensus_decision-making

The formation of the Family Law Platform is not so much a negative reflection or criticism of current reform organizations and leaders as it is a call to utilize our most capable and current science and technology. We are therefore asking all stakeholders, individuals and key leaders of the many wonderful organizations working to reform family law to update their existing systems and platforms to reflect the following objectives or join together to make it happen.

We intend to help crowdsource and organize a common centralized Content Management System beyond loomio that will enable everyone working to reform family law to stay informed across all information streams and organizations, share individual case information and documents, and transparently participate together in one place so that sufficient people power and financial support can be focused on specific legislation, litigation, and executive and public action at the right time, based on a scientifically crowd-sourced policy platform.

Whether it is the attorneys, service providers and judges who benefit from family conflict or parents fighting over property and child support, the overwhelming consensus at the Divorce Corp. Family Law Conference, 11/14/2014, was that money and the destruction of family resources is the overarching primary threat to parents and children. Sustaining a functional society is our most important responsibility, and our highest imperative and purpose is to propose, implement, and protect solutions that take money off the table and out of the equation in family law and reduce family conflict and harm to our children and future generations.

We think that an effective policy platform:
1) Should be stated as succinctly and clearly as possible.
2) Should be made available on a common technology platform where everyone can discuss and make proposals, and crowd wisdom can be easily queried, referenced, and subjected to scientific analysis.
3) Should be easily revised and amended to reflect ongoing research and scientific analysis of new and existing models in all countries and jurisdictions, and every iteration tracked.
4) Should form the basis for all proposed legislation, litigation, and administrative action.

Interim Coordinator: Kurt Brenneman
Disclosure: I receive no income from loomio or any family law related activity or organization.
Rules: A disclosure must be included with any proposal that involves fundraising or consideration for products and services.