Democratic Academy Groningen

This message board will serve as a platform for transparant and open discussion on the various activities and subgroups of Democratic Academy Groningen. DAG is a critical student movement that wants to radically democratize the University of Groningen and stop its commercialisation. Though the problems that education and research face in today's university are varied, our criticism can be summarized in the following way: a university is not a business and should never be run like one. Instead, a university should be a communal emancipatory project to the benefit of the people.

Both within the official university council as well as outside it, we try our best to spark debate and -hopefully- change. The manifesto we released alongside our participation in the university council elections in may 2016 is attached to this message.

The use of this platform is intended to allow all interested parties to contribute to the discussion we want students and academics to have. It also serves as a quick and easy way for DAG-members to stay in the loop on what their comrades in different committees are up to. Finally, it gives academics, often pressed for time as they are, room to discuss some of DAG's ideas and projects without needing to physically attend meetings.