STOP BARCLAYS FRACKING - joint discussion!

Dear lovely people!

As I’m sure you’re already aware, there is a week of action planned for 24th October until the 29th October, targeting Barclays Bank and their funding of fracking in Ryedale, Yorkshire.

A few of us at Fossil Free Bristol want to participate in this action and we thought to ourselves, well why not clump together with all the other environmental groups in Bristol!

Let’s join up and make this a beautiful week of creative and publicly engaging action outside of Barclays! This is about engaging the public, as this is where we can hit Barclays hardest – their public respect! We need to talk to people about Barclays divesting from the company – Third Energy – which are the company that are proposing to undertake the fracking project in Ryedale, but to get Barclays to do that, we need to talk to the public about personal divestment from Barclays! We need to enthuse people to take that step to moving their funds to a bank that is more ethical! We can suggest co-operative as an easy high-street alternative, as they have a no-fossil fuel investment policy.

I have no specific plan, we can collaborate together, but it would be great to get some really engaging activities down there – one example could be some form of visualisation of the carbon bubble. As it is natural gas that we are talking about, we could fill a huge balloon with helium, maybe spray painted red and then have a tiny balloon next to it spray painted black to symbolise the amount of gas that we can burn if we have any hope of staying within 2 degrees warming.

There are also some great resources at the website below:


Lets get this conversation flowing! Lets arrange a meeting, or just discuss on this platform!

My contact details are:

Jack Lloyd
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Tel: 07952 789 499

Let's make the public change Barclays' mind!