What we need for the week's demonstrations

JL Jack Lloyd Public Seen by 332

We need a few physical items to get this demonstration to be really engaging! So I thought I'd start a wish list of items and then people can post on here if they can supply any of them. This is just what I could think of, please send your suggestions in!

We will need:
• A collapsible table
• A megaphone/voice amplification of some kind
• Loose script about the fossil fuel divestment movement in general, answers to the nay sayers - focus on creating a moral unacceptability of fossil fuel investments, as the Apartheid regime boycotts succeeded, this can too!
• Loose script about why we cannot have and do not need fracking - focus on carbon bubble - we cannot burn the reserves we have, let alone afford to spend more money on new expensive extraction methods.
• Equipment to film and/or take photos and preferably someone who knows how to use it!
• Speakers for music to create a fun atmosphere - mini rigs are good for this
• Playlist for music - could focus on money/oil/power - a favourite - Abba, Money Money Money!
• Laptop with good battery for petition signing and email sign ups
• Flyers about divestment/fracking/Barclays - can get these off the fossil free website, but need printing! (perhaps we can club together?)
• Props of some description - Massive balloon to represent carbon bubble? Suits to represent Bankers? - This all depends on what people are prepared to do - it would be great if some people would like to make this theatrical/visual! (of course we also need people who are not being theatrical as well so please don't be put off by this!)


Richard Baxter Wed 12 Oct 2016 4:59PM

I have a collapsible {pasting) table that could be used. Could stuff be stored in Beacon House overnight or is that idea too contentious? Could search through my CD collection for possible music and put on a memory stick (Pink Floyd's Money - Flying Lizards, Money (That's What I Want) - Dire Straits - Money for Nothing etc Here's a good list on energy related songs, most of which are obscure to me but some classic ones http://www.playlistresearch.com/themes/issues/energy.htm


Alex Hall Thu 13 Oct 2016 10:35AM

Would anybody else be interested in the idea of actually "fracking" the Barclay's branches? Using the term actually a little loosely, but I'm thinking we could maybe get some traffic cones, some danger tape to cordon off the branch itself, perhaps try and either make or find something to use as a prop fracking well to put either in the branch itself or on the pavement outside? Might give something visual and eye-catching to draw people in so they can be leafleted/talked.


Fi Radford Thu 13 Oct 2016 2:43PM

Would you believe that Bristol East Greenpeace actually have a mock fracking rig?! I think it is currently in Richard Baxter's garage. I am sure we could bring this along, and some traffic cones and danger tape would just finish it off. Maybe we can discuss when we meet on Monday 17th. Any news where we are meeting yet?


Alex Hall Sat 15 Oct 2016 12:29AM

That sounds great! I'm more than happy to actively make a nuisance out of myself but it'd be great if anyone else also wanted to, so we could devise a more in depth plan.


Alison Allan Sat 15 Oct 2016 7:59AM

I'm in with the reservation that on Saturday 29th I am supporting Frack off Somerset at Weston Super Mare. Torn between two really excellent events!


Fi Radford Sat 15 Oct 2016 12:01PM

Welcome Alison. Sympathise with your dilemma. Maybe you can come along to some of the midweek actions 12 to 2pm outside Barclays on the Triangle? I spoke with Jack Lloyd today and the planning meeting on Monday 17th will be at 7pm at Yurt Lush at Creative Common by Temple Meads. https://eatdrinkbristolfashion.co.uk/yurt-lush/home The more the merrier so all welcome to put more flesh on the bones of our ideas.