Mindfulness For Change - Sensing Conversations Early 2018

Work Space for the group of people carrying out sensing conversations into the MfC Community.

Doc with questions and table for recording responses here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kXpmnE2tmhpnqPI6LEpfOFbntvk6Sdv8Lj3_UkfGpZc/edit?usp=sharing

Context: We've used sensing conversations periodically in the kaitiaki space in Mindfulness for Change when we are unclear on the next steps to support the wider community. There are a number of things that we want to test at this particular moment, for example what kinds of gatherings would support the wider community, what kinds of online spaces would support the work that community members are doing in the world, and broadly how to support what people are doing in the world with connections, resources, commons infrastructure etc.

There is more detail on the doc as to the questions we want to ask. These questions act as guides, but the invitation is to have a natural conversation, follow your curiosity - part of what these conversations are for is whakawhanaungatanga, so value the connection as an end in itself. Please harvest the learnings from your conversations by recording the insights in the table on the doc - this is really useful information to have and is obviously much more worthwhile having the conversations if the insights are captured and able to be shared.