Finding a time to meet as a group

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What time suits to have a Zoom/ Appear.in call to have an initial conversation as a group Closed Wed 21 Mar 2018 2:02AM

by Nick Laurence Wed 21 Mar 2018 3:18AM

Looks like none of these times work. Instead, please have a read of the doc, ask any questions in this Loomio thread, and Caroline is available to discuss this with you next week (Nick is off to Perth next week and will be away from internet while there)

This is a chance to get more context about what the question entail, to ask your own questions to clarify anything, etc.


Thu 22 Mar 2018  2:30AM
Fri 23 Mar 2018  2:30AM
Fri 23 Mar 2018  4:30AM
Thu 22 Mar 2018  4:30AM

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Tamsin Norman Mon 19 Mar 2018 5:57AM

Sorry probably can't do any of those times at present but will be in touch if that changes.


Kate MacIntyre Mon 19 Mar 2018 7:21PM

Sorry can’t do any of those times but I’ll catch up on what comes from those who can


Nick Laurence Wed 21 Mar 2018 12:30AM

Thanks for responding @tamsinnorman and @katemacintyre. Do you want to have a read of the doc and post any questions in this Loomio thread? I'm heading off to Perth on Monday, otherwise would post times for next week


Caroline Taylor Wed 21 Mar 2018 12:36AM

Thanks @nicklaurence - sounds great! @tamsinnorman or @katemacintyre also I'm around and happy to answer any questions or chat if it's helpful.


Kate MacIntyre Wed 21 Mar 2018 4:16AM

Ok thanks @nicklaurence and @carolinetaylor I’ll try and have a read and be in touch safe travels Nick


Tamsin Norman Wed 21 Mar 2018 4:52AM

As above:-)!


Tamsin Norman Wed 21 Mar 2018 10:44PM

...just checked through the document and it all seems pretty clear, thanks. Am presuming the possible 'longer retreat' would be more likely in the Wellington area as that's where most of the group are based?? Travel distance might be v relevant to Auckland members...
Am off to Voices of Sacred Earth festival in morning, so can't do much till next week, but @carolinetaylor maybe we can touch base briefly after I am back before I start. In terms of people to interview - am thinking it would make more sense for me to focus on people in Auckland region as that's where I am based - but I don't recognise many people on list (apart from Dickie whom I know from the Auckland hui). Not sure if there aren't many Aucklanders on there, or I just don't know the names? Happy to be flexible anyway - whatever is needed...


Nick Laurence Thu 22 Mar 2018 12:16AM

@tamsinnorman cool, that's good that it's reasonably clear! The longer retreat wouldn't have to be near Wellington. In fact the initial idea was to have it at Tauhara Retreat Centre in Taupo, halfway between Auckland and Wellington. Other suggestions have been in the Coromandel, close to where Grant and Tash Rix live, which is also close to where their teacher Tarchin lives - could have them providing dharma teaching for the retreat part of the event.

In terms of a list, we had focused more on Wellington because that's where Caroline and I are based, but it totally makes sense for you to focus more on Auckland-based people. There's no reason we've excluded anyone in particular, so probably anyone you interview will have valuable insights and perspectives to offer - take your pick of people you know from the Auckland community.


Tamsin Norman Thu 22 Mar 2018 9:00PM

Hi @nicklaurence thanks for that! That's good feedback re: the retreat - gives me more to go on when talking to people based up here!

V happy to focus on Auckland people - I wasn't worried about people being excluded :-) :-) I just noticed when I looked at the list that I didn't know v many names! Am aware the Auckland side is much less established that the Wellington - but would be interesting to know I think the general directions people are interested in up here for the Auckland kaitiaki. Just thinking - the original call for people to be interviewed went out on the national FB page I think but not the Auckland group? Is that right? If so maybe I could re-post the request onto the Auckland page as there may be people on there who don't look at the overall page? Then I could do respondents from that (as long as there aren't too many)!


Caroline Taylor Thu 22 Mar 2018 11:55PM

Hi @tamsinnorman great idea to post the request on the Auckland facebook page - go ahead! Also I've gone through the current list and noted who is in Auckland - as Nick said go ahead and add others you'd like to interview. You'll see there are a couple of Aucklanders that Nick and I are already planning to talk to - Heather Kean (who Nick knows well) and Alex Whitcombe (who I'm keen to catch up with) - we'll share the results of those conversations in the document so you'll be able to access it. Once you've decided who you want to interview let me know if you need help finding their contact details.


Nick Laurence Fri 23 Mar 2018 2:36AM

Yep agreed with what Caroline has said here, and definitely good to learn the general directions people are interested in up there. Was also thinking, in terms of questions for Auckland folk, it might be useful to ask about what kinds of things they would want to experience / learn / contribute to at the upcoming hui. That information could then feed in to the design of the hui.


Tamsin Norman Wed 28 Mar 2018 2:01AM

Thanks @carolinetaylor and @nicklaurence. Have re-posted the message on the Auckland group, and will await responses. Am happy to do the other Auckland people on the list as well, as long as numbers from the announcement don't get too huge! Do you have a timescale in mind for getting the interviews completed by - or is it ongoing/as and when?


Caroline Taylor Wed 28 Mar 2018 2:05AM

Great @tamsinnorman - go ahead with the other Aucklanders and sing out if there’s too many. We haven’t agreed on a timeframe - maybe the next 2-3 weeks and then we could chat about what’s emerging and possible next steps. How does that sound?


Tamsin Norman Tue 3 Apr 2018 9:33PM

Hi @carolinetaylor, sorry for late reply - lost internet for a couple of days as a rat chewed through our cable lol! (the perils of rural living, tho not complaining in general :-) ); plushaving time off for Easter...what you suggest sounds great; didn't get any replies so far on the Auckland page, so don't think I will be overloaded :-) but will see if any of the Auckland kaitiaki group are up for it. And otherwise I will do the people on the original list. Do you have contact details for the people on the list - or otherwise I could contact them directly thru the FB group I guess?


Tamsin Norman Tue 17 Apr 2018 12:26AM

Hi there, sorry I have been out of action for the last week, as we were without power for 5 days after the storm (and had already had internet troubles for a few days); plus helping co-ordinate my local civil defence effort, so only just getting back to business now. Couldn't do the interviews last week I had been teeing up, and am away on holiday most of next week, but will do what I can this week, and finish off after I am back.


Caroline Taylor Tue 17 Apr 2018 12:34AM

Hi @tamsinnorman wow you have been having a rough time! I did wonder if you were without power when I saw the news after the storm! Great you’re back up and running again! Warmly Caroline


Tamsin Norman Tue 17 Apr 2018 3:00AM

Thanks @carolinetaylor - yes my community was very much affected - heaps of trees down/ roofs off & some people without power still now even so lots of hands on deck needed! Luckily we are quite well set up at home with a small generator etc, and I enjoyed having no screens for a few days :-)! Just a quickie q re: the original list of people on the Auckland list - Dickie, Sue Dykes, Kristina Cavit - were these people who volunteered to be interviewed from the FB post, or were they suggestions? Ie are they expecting someone to call or I need to explain to them what we are doing?


Caroline Taylor Tue 17 Apr 2018 4:08AM

Hi @tamsinnorman the people on the Auckland list are suggestions - ie people we thought it’d be good to interview - they didn’t volunteer to be interviewed. Maybe check with @nicklaurence about Kristina as I think he might’ve been in touch with her recently 🌞