Open Source Permaculture Task Force

The purpose of this group is to collectively permaculture as much land as possible. Be it empty city plots, backyards, or an out of town acreage. This group is 100% volunteer powered. There is no profit involved other than the joy of seeing what we can create together. It is about creating abundance for all and healing the earth.

We will be guided by the open source principles of transparency, sharing, and non-ownership. (For more on the open source way see: https://opensource.com/open-source-way). That is why we are using Loomio, decision-making software to assist groups with collaborative decision-making processes. Don't be shy about starting a new thread of conversation or using the "Start a Proposal" tool to help bring the discussion to a conclusion or clear outcome. There are many different ways to use proposals and they are not only for consensus. They are a flexible and powerful tool for convergence. (For more on understanding how to use proposals, as well as a variety of good examples, see: https://www.loomio.school/beginner/proposals.html)

Permaculture is a whole systems approach to not only land management, but to the garden of ourselves, the garden of society. It is based on the triple principles of earth care, people care, and sharing the abundance back with the earth and the people. We are in particular focused on creating the least dependency of the land and ourselves on each other. (For more on getting a grasp of what this means, please read the introduction and first chapter of Masanobu Fukuoka's "One Straw Revolution": http://www.appropedia.org/images/d/d3/Onestraw.pdf)

The only necessary social contract of government is: "Let's take care of each other". Let's enjoy the abundance that comes from doing so. <3